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Lucas Roitman became a millionaire after inventing an app aged just 14 – now the former teen prodigy has revealed the secrets to his success.

Roitman created Airhand – a revolutionary augmented reality software – when he was in high school in 2010, working out of his bedroom while many of his peers were enjoying more traditional pastimes.

His pursuit paid off – and the innovative creation was sold for millions of dollars the same year to a multinational company.

Roitman continued to work in the tech sector, particularly the AI and robotics industries, and sold his Adia Robotics drone startup to Apple for $55 million.

Roitman, who grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina but now lives in New York, has revealed how others can follow in his footsteps.

Perseverance & curiosity

Roitman says he learned the true power of perseverance during his studies at Stanford University – where he had to embrace cultural changes as well as academic adjustments.

“Embracing these challenges was crucial,” he said. “At Stanford, I not only acquired a world-class education but also learned the significance of resilience.

“It is not merely enduring hard times but also about finding growth and opportunity in them.”

He also founded the magic society among other extracurricular activities, and would go on to work as an AI researcher and gain a Master’s degree from the institution.

Roitman describes passion and curiosity as the “bedrocks” of his career outcome. “It was my deep-rooted passion and curiosity that propelled my initial steps into the tech world,” he explains.

“It’s this relentless drive that inspires continuous learning and adaptation, essential in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Whether I’m salsa dancing, rock climbing, or reading about product design, I’m constantly learning.”

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Having something unique to offer is equally crucial, according to the mogul. “Innovation is the key differentiator that sets outstanding projects apart from the ordinary.

“By offering something unique, you significantly multiply your chances of success, as it allows you to establish a distinct identity and value proposition.

“Ultimately, success in today’s dynamic world hinges on the ability to innovate and stand out with something truly exceptional.”

He is now CEO and founder of FreeWillAI, a platform that executes artificial intelligence models on the blockchain. It is designed to enable unlimited and conscious AI development, preventing its blocking or censorship by large organisations and corporations.

Lucas Roitman - copyright Jam Press

While the tech mogul leads a busy lifestyle overseeing his work projects, he insists that taking time to indulge his hobbies is just as important.

This involves everything from salsa dancing and rock climbing to piano and adventure sports.

“Breaking away from routine is key”, he says, adding: “I often unwind by playing the piano, which helps me relax and refocus.

“Spending quality time with family and friends keeps me grounded, reminding me of the importance of maintaining a well-rounded life.

“The answer is simple – love what you do and the balance will find you. The bridge between dreams and reality is built on perseverance, passion and endless curiosity.”

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The kids are alright

That keen focus on absorbing as much information as possible was a driving force in ensuring his early success, which dates back to his early teens and the emergence of Airhand.

The app allows users to control their computer with hand movements – for example, pointing to the object on a screen and ‘picking’ items up by opening and closing their hands.

The popular invention sparked interest from investors, one of which Lucas accepted – earning him his millions. And he recommends teens today follow suit, embracing innovation.

He added: “It’s this innovative mindset that can turn ordinary projects into extraordinary ones.

“Today’s teenagers are equipped with unparalleled access to information and tools, and have the unique opportunity to utilise these resources to experiment, learn, and innovate – so they should take advantage of that.

“Mixing this innovative spirit with a blend of consistency and passion for learning is equally crucial.

“Success is rarely an overnight phenomenon; it’s the result of consistent effort over time.”

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