This episode of TechBlast’s webinar series Launchpad featured Martin SFP Bryant, founder of PreSeed Now.

Launchpad, brought to you in association with Tyto PR, reveals what it takes to scale a successful technology startup via honest conversations with entrepreneurs, investors & other key industry players who have a story to tell.

Martin is a technology journalist with long experience covering startups. A former editor at The Next Web, he also served as community editor at Tech North before founding business and marketing consultancy Big Revolution and the PreSeed Now newsletter.

He is also the editor of social media consultant Matt Navarra’s weekly Geekout newsletter.

The episode covers:

• Martin’s career & why he loves covering early-stage startups

• The essential ingredients for a successful newsletter

• How to make your newsletter stand out

• Pros & cons of various newsletter platforms

• Practical tips for building a newsletter – ‘Rocket Fuel’

• Why Martin added SFP into his name…