Throughout my career, I’ve navigated the professional landscape with determination but without a guiding figure to emulate or seek advice from. 

That changed when Jon Pickering, the CEO of Mizaic, stepped into his role at the company. I’ve found that Jon isn’t just my manager; he’s a mentor who has influenced both my professional growth and personal development.

For a long time, I had to learn as I went, relying on my own trial and error rather than the wisdom of a mentor. It wasn’t until Jon arrived at Mizaic that I truly experienced the impact of mentorship. 

From the outset, Jon has been incredibly supportive, investing significant time and effort into developing my skills and nurturing my potential.

Under Jon’s leadership, Mizaic has seen impressive growth and success. His strategic insight and meticulous attention to detail have transformed our processes and elevated our organisation to new heights. I’ve come to appreciate the insight behind all of Jon’s decisions. 

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So when times get tough and we can’t make sense of something in the moment, this gives me the confidence that we are, in fact, getting it right. His foresight and perseverance have consistently steered us towards success, even when the path seemed uncertain.

What sets Jon apart is not just his professional expertise but also his approachable demeanour. Despite his impressive achievements, he remains down to earth and personable, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Jon’s leadership style is a blend of challenge and encouragement.

He pushes me to question my assumptions and consider alternative perspectives, ultimately fostering a culture of continuous improvement within our team.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Jon’s mentorship is his commitment to self-improvement. He leads by example, constantly seeking new knowledge and refining his leadership techniques. Whether it’s exploring innovative training methods or delving into personal development literature, Jon’s dedication to growth sets a high standard for us all to aspire to.

Reflecting on the months under Jon’s mentorship, I’ve realised the impact he has had on my professional journey. His guidance has not only enhanced my skills but also instilled in me a newfound sense of confidence and purpose. For the first time in my career, I have a mentor who inspires me to strive for excellence and supports me every step of the way.

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Beyond professional growth, Jon has also influenced my approach to leadership. His emphasis on empathy and effective communication has encouraged me to reassess my own leadership style and consider how I can better support and inspire my team members.

As I continue to benefit from Jon’s mentorship, I am also aware of the responsibility to pay it forward. Just as Jon has invested in my development, I am committed to supporting and guiding the next generation of professionals. 

By sharing the knowledge and insights I’ve gained under Jon’s mentorship, I hope to inspire others to reach their full potential and make a positive impact in their respective fields.

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