Barclays has relaunched its Cambridge Eagle Lab with a renewed focus on helping high growth ClimateTech startups to connect, grow and scale. 

The site has undergone a significant retrofit, with the goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 90% compared to 2018.

The newly-designed space features increased desk capacity for up to 130 people, and a 75% increase in collaboration space allowing a more flexible layout for meetings, events and networking. 

It also features a dedicated area to showcase the climate tech technologies and businesses that Barclays is supporting through its partnerships, Unreasonable Impact ventures, Bridge programmes, and Sustainable Impact Capital investments.    

Barclays says it is uniquely positioned to help clients on the path to net zero and is focused on investing in the climate tech needed by society to transition, while also generating economic growth and creating a new wave of green jobs. 

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The relaunch follows Barclays’ recent partnership announcement with Carbon13, a Cambridge-based venture builder, to provide over 100 startups with support and mentoring to help tackle the challenges the globe faces on the road to net zero.

“We want to play a leading role in supporting ClimateTech and sustainability-focused businesses by giving them the tools to help them connect, grow and scale,” said Nick Stace, head of sustainability at Barclays UK. 

“It was crucial that the retrofit and internal redesign of the building accurately reflected the ethos of the businesses that will use it and we expect it to provide significant energy efficiency improvements, allowing us to take an important step forward in reducing our own operational emissions.

“We know that startups need more than just a space, which is why we’re also supporting businesses through our ClimateTech accelerator programmes from the Cambridge Eagle Lab. We hope this package of support enables businesses to scale at pace and tackle some of today’s most pressing climate tech challenges.”

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