BankiFi and Praetura, the Manchester-based FinTech and alternative lending companies, have launched a new lending-as-a-service solution that will boost SMEs’ access to growth funding.

The platform is designed to help small businesses access capital when they may otherwise not meet the criteria for traditional high street banks. 

Praetura, backed by BankiFi’s tech platform, will deliver asset and invoice finance to SMEs on behalf of banks unable to support those businesses.

Many banks don’t provide asset or invoice finance solutions, and those that do typically focus on larger businesses that are more likely to meet their lending criteria.

BankiFi and Praetura’s solution empowers traditional lenders to meet the diverse financing needs of the UK’s small businesses, with Praetura adopting the risk of the initial investment. Banks are then positioned as the go-to finance provider, with businesses referred back to the bank once they’ve grown into the eligibility criteria.

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“We’ve built great relationships with high street banks due to our bank-friendly distribution model and our ability to leverage the benefits of open banking,” said Mark Hartley (pictured), CEO and founder at BankiFi. 

“Our partnership with Praetura is the natural evolution of our existing SME payment solutions, which have focused on reducing the time SMEs spend collecting money and helping them to manage cash flow, growth and now access finance.

“The first place many businesses go to for lending is their bank. The problem is that they often don’t meet the eligibility criteria set out by the bank. In these cases, if they can’t secure a loan, they often fall through the cracks and remain unserved.

“What we’re able to offer through our partnership with Praetura is a solution that both banks and businesses need.”

Peadar O’Reilly, CEO at Praetura Lending, added: “Praetura’s initial investment in BankiFi was driven by the shared vision of addressing market gaps for SMEs. There isn’t anyone in the UK that has the combined senior funding lines, specialist lending expertise and technology capability to help fund this gap for SMEs in the market. 

“This unique partnership signals a new era for SME lending, demonstrating a commitment to innovation, collaboration and meeting the diverse needs of businesses.”

BankiFi, which has been backed by Praetura Ventures since September 2021, specialises in payment processing and financial administration services for SMEs.

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