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Our series profiling companies from our Startups 2.0 lists continues with Oliver Lane, founder and director of Behind Login.

Behind Login, which featured on Bristol Startups 2.0, equips its FinTech clients to maintain and grow their competitive advantage. Founded in 2021, it runs regular research sessions and has open lines of communication with a global network of over one million users of financial products.

The firm’s in-house ReleaseTrack technology tracks when a client’s competitors are making updates to apps and websites, and feeds these back.

Lane discusses challenges around building a scalable and repeatable business model, explains the benefits of Bristol’s close-knit community and reveals his birthday wish for the business.

Describe your personal background prior to starting the business.

Armed with a degree in business strategy from UWE Bristol, I began my career at a mobile app consulting company, where I mastered the art of building digital products. This experience, coupled with my time as a product manager at Hargreaves Lansdown, exposed me to the critical challenges of competitor research in financial services and FinTech. Recognising the inefficiencies in the process, I established Behind Login to revolutionise this aspect of the industry.

Bristol Startups 2.0

What is the biggest challenge you have faced to date? How did you overcome this, or plan to overcome this?

One of the significant challenges we faced at Behind Login was creating a scalable and repeatable business model. While our team excelled in solving unique problems for clients, the lack of repeatability hindered efficiency. To address this, we developed a core set of ‘products’ with defined costs, timescales and scopes, ensuring a streamlined and repeatable approach to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.

If you were making a birthday wish for your business, what would you ask for and why?

After Behind Login celebrated its second birthday on New Year’s Day, my birthday wish is straightforward – more developers, designers, and product managers! This expansion will accelerate our journey toward realising our vision: ‘To inspire the next generation of digital experiences.’

What benefits does being based in Bristol have for your company? How would you describe the tech scene there? What could it do better?

Considering our base in Bristol, the tech scene may be smaller compared to capital cities, but we view this as a unique advantage. The close-knit community fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing and networking. In Bristol, knowing a few key individuals establishes a connection to the broader tech world, reminiscent of the ‘rule of 6’.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

To wrap up, I’d like to draw attention to our ongoing ‘Competitor Listening Platform’ project. This innovative tool utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) to monitor company communication channels for updates in digital products. Currently in the fundraising stage, we are building our team and compiling an early adopter list. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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