Jordan Brompton is one of the founders of  Grimsby-based smart home energy technology manufacturer myenergi.

She launched the business in 2016 with Lee Sutton with the purpose of removing the barriers to fast adoption of renewable energy products.

myenergi has been recognised as one of the country’s top 30 fastest-growing private companies.

It manufactures a range of ‘eco-smart’ home energy technologies, including the market-leading solar-compatible zappi electric vehicle charge point, the eddi power diverter, and the libbi smart home battery.

In 2022, Brompton won the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year  Award at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

To coincide with her 35th birthday at the weekend she wrote a list of the 10 things she learned at 25, that are still true at 35.

1. Working smart AND hard gets you further than anyone that chooses one or the other

2. 20 per cent of your focus will be 80 per cent of your results

3. Always having a beginner’s mindset will help to teach you so much

myenergi founder wins Great British Entrepreneur of the Year

4. Don’t ask, don’t get … (my mates will know I go for this one!)

5. ⁠If someone’s gossiping with you, they’re probs gossiping about you

6. ⁠Gotta be nice to people on your way up, you never know who might hit on the way back down

7. There’s no better time than the now

8. The most powerful thing you can say is ‘no’

9. Nothing is personal, sometimes it’s more about them than it is you

10. You’ve gotta have some fun along the way