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Podcasting has come a long way since the days of downloading in iTunes and syncing shows to your iPod.

There are an ever-expanding number of ways to access content, from platform apps such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts to smart speakers and an array of dedicated hosting apps.

In recent years businesses have sought to get on board. “A lot of the power of podcasting – and this applies to businesses – is the fact that you can really connect with people on a personal level,” Colin Gray, founder of The Podcast and Alitu, tells TechBlast for our upcoming Launchpad webinar podcast.

“There’s something about being directly in people’s ears: through their headphones, there’s no barrier of the screen in between you. In a video, there’s something around putting people on a pedestal: there’s a lot more polish and visuals.

“It’s the old cliche that ‘people buy from people’ – if you can show the humans behind your brand, you can build up trust – and that sells more products.”

Based in Dundee, Scotland, The Podcast Host has served as a content hub and community for creators for more than a decade. Gray then launched Alitu – which featured on our sister publication BusinessCloud’s MediaTech 50 ranking this year – to take the pain out of launching a show.


“The editing really drives people crazy! The time that it takes; the technological stuff behind it,” he says. “If you’re just a content creator, you shouldn’t have to care about all that. So we created software that would automate the process as much as possible. 

“It started out as an editing platform. We then added better automatic audio cleanup tools, such as noise reduction and EQ, and the ability to record your calls in there. We then added transcriptions and eventually hosting (syndication across platforms) as well.”

In the webinar podcast – set to stream on Friday (29th September) at 12pm across YouTube, LinkedIn, X and the TechBlast website – he offers his ‘Rocket Fuel’ tips for aspiring hosts.

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“Many shows get bogged down by trying to overcomplicate things… in the early days, buy yourself a decent USB mic that plugs into your computer and just go!” he advises.

“People also tend to overcomplicate the recording, overthinking what they’ve said and the little mistakes they’ve made. 

“Have a live mindset around recording: pretend that you’re actually doing a live webinar or radio show, with say half an hour to do your show, and just forget about it and keep going. 

“That is the best way to learn how to be a great presenter, fast – you will no longer use editing as a crutch and be more relaxed.”

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