A new marketplace for accessing IPOs and private placements has launched.

Pello Marketplace, developed by investment bank Pello Capital, gives investors access to all issuance by listed companies regardless of which bank or brokerage is originating the transaction. 

It says the tech-driven platform offers a dynamic solution that allows investors to decide which products they want to engage with based on the merits of the investment, not the availability of access.

The marketplace lets investors view available investments, communicate directly with investment advisors and place orders directly for the latest IPOs. 

“Our mission is to empower every listed company in the UK and to maximise their impact with real people and this is why we have launched Pello Marketplace,” said Daniel Gee, MD at Pello Capital, which launched in 2017.

“This data led solution does just this by giving investors access to IPOs, discounted placements and secondary market issuance. All investors using the platform must have the required investment knowledge and experience to understand the risks involved in these types of investment opportunities. 

“Along with intelligent and transparent investment solutions, community is at the core of Pello Capital. From charity initiatives to exclusive branded clothing drops Pello is breaking the mould of financial services. Everyone is invited and everyone has a voice.”

Soon to be released on iOS and Android as a mobile app, Pello Marketplace has already helped over £300 million of investments to be made in UK-listed companies.

Bootstrapping was difficult but made our business solid