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Collctiv, the group payments app, is the only British startup chosen to participate in the prestigious Techstars programme in New York City.

The 13-week accelerator programme started this week and comes one week after its launch in the US.

The group payments app has 440,000 customers and processed $22m in transactions.

The first of its kind, Collctiv is an invaluable tool for organisers within groups of friends, families, businesses, charities, and communities, to pool money in an easy and secure way.

Cofounders Amy Whitell (CEO) and Pete Casson (CTO) will join Techstars Accelerator Programme, alongside 13 other startups, helping founders to understand the complexities of putting ideas into action and scaling businesses.

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Whitell said: “We are incredibly excited and feel very lucky to have been selected to take part in the prestigious Techstars accelerator programme in New York.

“We will join 13 other startups in an intense 13 week course, learning the skills to build a successful, scaleable startup.

“We’ve only just launched in the US and so being able to immerse ourselves in the startup community here, learning from the best entrepreneurs and being able to present our business to some of the biggest names in VC funding, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and further confirms our commitment to growing our business and being able to make an impact, helping to change the lives of all the organisers of the world.”

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