Qudo was founded by Cambridge Analytica alumni Ahmad Al Khatib, Mihajlo Popesku and Umar Akhtar.


Marketers need answers, and answers require data. But good data is often difficult to acquire – and deriving actionable insights from that data can be just as hard.


Qudo’s flagship Software-as-a-Service platform unlocks consumer insights for marketers in a cost-effective way, alleviating the impact of data protection regulations and browser cookie controls in the process.


Unlike most research platforms, which rely on first- and third-party data collected via cookies, Qudo leverages data willingly shared by consumers in anonymous online surveys – otherwise known as zero-party data. This approach is unaffected by new data privacy regulations, and enables the collection of more targeted information through specific key questions. Its precision activation engine brings together the entire data-driven marketing value chain to protect marketers from wasting time, budget, and brain cells by converting insight to action. The platform combines consumer research, machine learning-powered analysis and marketing automation to provide marketers with audience insights they can use.

‘Don’t let gender stop you from starting a business’


Qudo is based in London.

They say:

Deputy CEO & chief research officer Popesku: “Consumers are increasingly concerned about the privacy of their data, and rightfully so. The hyper-personalisation of communications, based on information you don’t even remember giving, can be unsettling. As a result, more users are declining cookie consent, making them harder to track.

“The zero-party data we collect has the full, conscious consent of the consumer, and gives a more complete, granular view of human behaviour, which can be visualised in segments. In the case of bespoke projects, clients can request ownership of the data collected on their behalf, but it remains fully anonymous and contains no private information. At the same time, we empower organisations to turn their consumer insights into actionable results.

“With our precision activation engine, businesses can seamlessly export consumer segments to social media channels without signal loss or any data changing hands. This enables them to accurately target their preferred audiences without compromising consumer privacy.”

CEO Al Khatib: “Imagine you’re thirsty – do you want a high-pressure hose, or a glass of water? Our competitors claim to have actionable insights, but really, they give clients a high-pressure hose of information. At Qudo, we hand them a glass of water – the exact actions broken down into detailed consumer segments based on the behaviours and products most important to them.

“In this way, we’re taking all the guesswork out of ad campaigns, dramatically improving return on investment, and freeing up much-needed man hours too often spent in the mire of the research-to-activation process. No more switching between tools and spreadsheets, no more workshops to analyse insights and come up with clusters and segments. Qudo does it all. It’s the only platform currently providing data collection, analysis and activation all in one.”

‘We saved people’s livelihoods – just by doing the right thing’