Mi-box Live was founded in 2022 by director Chris Withers and has backing from Innovate UK. It featured on our North East & Tees Valley Startups 2.0 list last year while Withers featured at our ‘Pitching Night’ event held in association with Ignite.


Withers is aiming to combine numeracy and sport to make the learning of maths fun.


It combines an app and learning board with a rotating number-line and 1-6 and 7-12 times table. After showing your method on the board, the app stores this and your learning career as you progress up the levels in numeracy.

North East & Tees Valley Startups 2.0


The app splits into four screens, allowing different abilities to compete against each other – like a handicap system in golf. It also talks and reads questions out in the accent where you live.


Mi-box Live is based in Middlesbrough.

They say:

Withers: “We are working in a variety of school settings, using the Mi-box Live maths sport challenge, to develop key skills in maths and to use the power of sport – children learn how to regulate their emotional intelligence framework, to accept winning and coming second. 

“Nobody loses, you only lose if you give up! Every student comes back and tries again and again with successful outcomes. This game could out-sell Scrabble.”

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