Startups 2.0

Every year we compile and publish a fresh list of Liverpool’s under-the-radar technology startups.

The Liverpool Startups 2.0 list – to be published on and promoted via BusinessCloud’s wider network – recognises fledgling companies which are bootstrapped, pre-seed or angel-backed. These founder-led startups must demonstrate that they are either building or harnessing a unique technology.

They must also be willing to speak honestly about the origins of their business, their journey to date and plans for the future.

Founders can nominate their business for the next Liverpool Startups 2.0 using the form below and must include their full contact details.

The list is published annually in June. If the founders are successful, they will be notified ahead of publication.

Interested potential sponsors can contact editor Jonathan Symcox at this email address. Options include a Pitching Night event or roundtable featuring the successful startups.

    Which city are you based in or near?

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    Year company founded

    No. of employees

    Describe funding to date

    Describe your technology/offer

    Describe any business successes to date

    Describe targets & plans for future

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