Konfir has been launched by Chris Milligan, who founded HR talent tech firm Adepto in Australia in 2013 before exiting to Degreed in 2019.


Employment verifications are required in various consumer life events such as moving jobs or homes. Companies and individuals face an administrative headache having to prove, on average, either three or five years of work history. This sensitive employment data is currently shared insecurely via email, PDF or on phone calls.


Konfir helps those requesting verifications, the employers and the individuals themselves. It launches in the UK at a time where changes to employment policy are being introduced, allowing trusted digital identities to be used to conduct pre-employment checks and prove right to work. 


Konfir uses APIs to speed everything up by providing direct access to history that exists in other systems, instead of having to wait for email replies from previous employers.


The startup is headquartered in London.

They say:

Seb Wallace, investment manager at Triple Point Ventures: “Konfir is solving a major problem for employers and staff across Europe, at a time when hiring and retention is a key priority for businesses across the continent. Chris is an experienced founder and an expert in the HR and employment sector. Having partnered with him in his previous business, we are excited to work together again on Konfir and the promising opportunity it presents. Chris’s vision is compelling and our decision to support Konfir is testament to our faith in Chris and his proven ability as an entrepreneur.”

CEO Milligan: “It’s great to be working with Seb and the team at Triple Point again. I am pleased they have chosen to support Konfir as I’ve always found them helpful. We’ve got the makings of an exciting company here and our team is really passionate about fixing this archaic process. We’ve all been in a position at some point where we’ve had to deal with proving our employment and as we emerge from the pandemic it’s really critical to speed up this process, and in turn the economy. Clearly there is a lot of opportunity given the rate of movement in the job market and pent up demand.”