ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – is big news and many companies in this space have enjoyed record growth.

North Yorkshire-based Comply Direct is an environmental compliance scheme and has grown beyond all recognition since it launched in 2006.

Since those early days the company has grown from one staff member and four customers to 35 staff, more than 1,600 customers and a turnover in excess of £30 million. Comply Direct has also invested heavily in tech.

Sarah Foster is the managing director of Comply Direct, which ensures packaging and electrical waste gets handled properly and is recycled rather than taken to landfill.

“There is a legal obligation for companies to comply with the regulations we are experts in,” she says.

“The overarching challenge to the business is making sure that our infrastructure keeps up with our growth and the changes within the waste and resources sector.

“The sector we work within is continually growing; the future of producer responsibility and environmental consultancy is very bright with ongoing improvements and an increasing desire from businesses to be part of a circular and more sustainable economy.

“It’s great that we’re growing but you have to continually review the infrastructure.”

Foster has been at Comply Direct for more than seven years and says it’s vital companies have a clear vision.

‘I thought I wanted to retire after selling my business – I was wrong’

During the summer, Comply Direct developed an improved data management system to help it simplify complex data requirements under existing and new environmental legislation.

Sustainability Integrated Database, affectionately named Sid by the Comply Direct team, uses the latest technology to enable intelligent data upload, storage, editing, filtering and bespoke outputs.

“Comply Direct has got its values of trust, commitment and respect,” says Foster. “If you asked any member of our team what our values are they would know.

“Comply Direct takes a partnership approach and our suppliers and customers are an extension of our business – this is what makes our company mission to ‘provide both environmental and commercial benefits by always finding a better way’.”