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Having a proposition which differentiates you in the market is only half the battle.

French FinTech Rollee, for example, claims to offer the first API platform in Europe which provides access to all workers’ employment and income data, with valuable insights to fully understand them. 

Founded in 2021 by Ali Hamriti, its mission is to help self-employed workers access lending products – such as mortgages – and other financial services.

“The system needed to change since the old, conventional systems were leading to unjust decision-making because they were unable to take into account all the data records and, consequently, the full picture of a person’s solvency,” says the CEO, who is rolling out the tech into the UK market.

“We are continuing to expand into the UK to address the continuing market challenge of financial struggles faced by gig workers.

Flexible approach

Hamriti has built a team of more than 25 people across Europe and South America as he targets a global problem.

“Companies are already using the technology in the US; however, we are the first employment data platform to come on to the market in the EU helping to address systematic challenges and enable fair access to financial services,” he says.

“We operate fully remotely. Offering flexible working options has been a game-changer for our early-stage company in attracting the top talent in the industry to support the accomplishment of our corporate goal – regardless of their location.”

How to boost your tech SME’s investment chances

Rollee raised a €4 million seed round in March 2022 which Hamriti says was crucial to supporting its goals during the economic downturn.

Customers are key

Asked for a further piece of advice for fellow founders, he offers two.

“We are just entering our ‘growth’ phase ourselves so I would say it’s important to surround yourself with the best people,” he says.

“Alternatively, for founders who are looking to start a business, I would say that your first customers are key. Communicate and talk to them a lot, ensuring to meet their needs effectively before thinking of scaling any further.”

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