EHE Ventures is launching a dedicated fund this quarter to capitalise on opportunities in artificial intelligence.

EHE, founded by director Guy Remond, describes itself as a ‘no-fluff VC firm’ offering growth funding from £100,000 to £5 million.

Manchester-based EHE – which stands for Entrepreneurs Help Entrepreneurs – runs a specialist engineering company for tech businesses,, which portfolio companies can tap into as a resource.

It is looking to invest in and support UK-headquartered AI-first companies – those harnessing artificial intelligence to scale, drive operational efficiencies and innovate – via the EIS-qualified fund.

“AI founders need a new kind of hands-on help, with deep technical credentials and a change in approach to business growth. We are entrepreneurs, tech experts & investors and we’ve got a track record of success,” the VC stated.

Remond has over 20 years in the tech, software & consulting/advisory industries as a founder, director, investor and advisor. He built Cake Solutions from a startup into a multi-million-pound company which was subsequently acquired and rebranded as Disney Streaming Services.

At EHE the entrepreneur – one of our experts at FUEL Manchester last year – has built a team of technical and commercial specialists which has been through every stage of fast growth investment.

Neil Vose, portfolio manager at EHE Ventures, told the VC’s Fast Growth Funding podcast that AI investing “is very much bucking the trend in terms of the amount of opportunities and decent deal flow, particularly in Europe and within the UK”. 

“We’re looking to find the next generation of AI winners,” he added. “These winners aren’t necessarily pure-play AI companies, but they’re using the application of AI technology to disrupt a particular industry, and as a core part of their growth strategy.

“It’s even better if it’s a company which already has some initial traction and is topping that up with AI integration. That’s a particular sweet spot for us.”

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