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You have some electric content to market to your audience. What could be easier than knocking out a quick newsletter?

Think again.

No matter how deep and insightful your material, if you don’t take care to craft a visually appealing newsletter, no one will open it – never mind click through to the good stuff.

“You have to make sure that people’s eyes don’t get bored!” says Martin SFP Bryant, founder of PreSeed Now and editor of several prominent newsletters.

Bryant, speaking on TechBlast’s Launchpad podcast – embedded below – offers several pearls of wisdom for people looking to craft a knockout newsletter.

“Don’t have big blocks of text: break it up into small paragraphs and use bullet points and images to help guide people through and add visual interest.

“Consistency is important: make sure that if you’re publishing every week, you publish on the same day around the same time.

“Back up your subscriber database: make sure you own your audience and can take them elsewhere when you want to. 

“And most of all, make sure you’re providing something that people can’t get anywhere else. This will make them open your newsletter; look forward to it; and tell other people about it. 

“If you’re not doing that, you’re not going to get anywhere.”

Bryant looks back on a 15-year career of covering early stage startups – including several years as editor-in-chief of The Next Web – goes deeper on the above topics and also analyses the pros & cons of various newsletter platforms including Substack, Beehive, Campaign Monitor – and one hidden rather well within WordPress…

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