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Vinod Singh has his own take on the idiom ‘brother from another mother’ when describing his relationship with Concirrus co-founder Andrew Yeoman.

“Our famous quote is: ‘We are twins with a twist – only our mothers can tell us apart!’” the CTO jokes to TechBlast.

Singh was on the verge of joining Google in 2016 but decided instead to partner with CEO Yeoman to co-found Concirrus, star of our sister publication BusinessCloud’s InsurTech 50 ranking late last year.

He says the duo dovetail smoothly as they share “a mutual drive for success”.

“Our strengths and weaknesses naturally complement each other, creating a balanced and skilful leadership dynamic,” explains Singh. “What makes our collaboration particularly effective is our ability to respect and appreciate each other’s contributions. 

“We’ve cultivated a deep personal relationship, which not only fosters a positive working environment but also facilitates open and honest communication.

“This constant exchange of ideas and viewpoints, done in a respectful manner, serves as a catalyst for driving the business forward. While we do have well-defined roles, our collaborative spirit ensures that we seamlessly support each other in our respective areas of expertise.”


While having a strong team is important, Singh says leadership is about creating a positive impact, not personal abilities. “It serves the team and doesn’t seek personal accolades or power; it’s centred on empowering others and inspiring their growth, not on titles,” he advises.

“Leadership demands responsibility, service and dedication. Don’t pursue it for personal glory.”

Singh describes himself as “impact-oriented, focusing on achieving meaningful results rather than simply engaging in busy work”.

“I consistently set high standards for myself and those around me,” he adds. “When it comes to work, I come across as someone very practical, ruthless with no heart at times – but I do that deliberately to push my team to new heights.

“That’s my way of contributing to their careers and wellbeing.”

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Giving back

Concirrus employs more than 50 people across bases in the UK and New Delhi in India, where Singh is mostly based.  “90% of our engineering happens in India while AI, machine learning and other customer- and market-facing roles are based out of our UK office,” he says.

“While my schedule can be demanding, I’m passionate about giving back to the tech community in various ways: I actively contribute to the broader tech community in both London and India.

“This includes providing free mentorship to emerging tech leaders and collaborating with several universities in India to identify and nurture talent from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Our efforts aim to create a positive impact on the financial situations of these individuals and their families, offering coaching and support along with potential internship opportunities. 

“In addition, I dedicate time to delivering guest lectures at engineering colleges whenever my schedule permits. Currently, I am engaged in discussions with various NGOs, exploring ways to assist them in developing free software that can enhance their technological capabilities and drive impact in a more efficient manner.

“I believe sharing knowledge and fostering talent are crucial for the tech ecosystem’s growth and inclusivity. I’m committed to contributing my time and expertise whenever possible.”


Since 2016 Concirrus has secured a total of $20-25 million in funding from seed to Series A, with support from prominent global investors. 


“While we greatly appreciated the invaluable support from these investors, we made a strategic decision last year to conduct a buyout, transitioning into a privately funded company,” he says. “This move has placed us in a favourable position with robust cash flow to facilitate our expansion plans and ambitious initiatives.”

He adds: “We have maintained a generally positive and healthy relationship with all our investors. It’s not uncommon to experience some tension and conflicts between founders and investors, and we encountered a bit of that in the middle of our journey.

“However, we navigated through those challenges, and overall, our relationship with investors remains positive. I continue to stay in regular contact with many of our initial supporters, fostering open communication and collaboration.”

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Lessons learned

Reflecting on whether he would have done anything differently at Concirrus if he had his time again, he answers: “Undoubtedly – the journey of running a business comes with a steep learning curve.

“While maintaining the core vision of our business, a few key areas stand out for refinement.

“[On product strategy], with the knowledge I have now, I would have invested more time in iterative development and user testing. This would have helped us refine our product and ensure a market fit sooner.

“My approach to hiring would undergo a significant transformation. Ensuring a strong, cohesive team is paramount, and I would invest more time in the recruitment process to mitigate the possibility of weak links within the team.

I would allocate more time to being present in the market and engaging with customers. The value of firsthand insights and a deep understanding of the market dynamics has become clearer over the years, and I would prioritise this aspect more in the initial phases of the business.

“These adjustments, among others, stem from the valuable lessons learned along the journey. While the core vision remains steadfast, refining these operational aspects would contribute to a more robust and agile business strategy.”

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