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Humility isn’t a word normally associated with recruitment, but Steven Jagger says it’s in the DNA of his business Maxwell Bond.

Jagger is an experienced recruitment leader and believes hiring is all about human interaction and building solid relationships.

Maxwell Bond are tech and digital specialists and work across the UK and Germany.

When Jagger launched the business, his mission was to make tech recruitment better for everyone involved through transparency and clear communication.

Its clients include Wakelet, Wejo, Mastercard and Travel Counsellors.

Jagger, who has taken no external investment and is the 100% shareholder, says: “We went into the pandemic with 10 staff but we’re now at 30 and would like to double that in the next year.

“Having humility is huge for us and one of our core values. Manchester City are a perfect example because they won the Premier League but the players have remained humble and work harder than some of their counterparts. That’s our culture, too.

“It’s really important to understand what your objective is. They say ‘hire slowly, fire quickly’ – but I don’t think you can hire slowly in the current market.”

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Jagger believes business leaders should worry less about making mistakes.

“I’ve always been happy to make mistakes because it’s one of the key ways that you learn and grow,” he says. “I don’t see them as mistakes or failures.

“You can grow too quickly and the most difficult part is putting the right processes in place.”