NewsPlayer+ was co-founded by CEO Rich Jacobs, an experienced business development specialist and entrepreneur working with leading media, entertainment, sport and technology companies.


Accurate news reporting has never been more important.  Part of the Player+ group, NewsPlayer+ will offer a wide range of global and domestic perspectives on breaking live stories from October.


Providers include Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, CGTN (China), Euronews and RT (Russia), as well as exclusive channels, which up until now have not been widely accessible in the UK, including C-SPAN (USA), i24 (Israel), Newsmax (USA), Ticker (Australia) and Times Now (India). NewsPlayer+ greets users with an initial ‘Wall of News’ page, which  enables viewers to see a live, real-time preview of the news being currently shown. Subscribers can ‘heart’ their favourite shows for easier access.


Delivered via an app on TVs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops, NewsPlayer+ can also be viewed  across a growing number of large screen connected devices and platforms, including Amazon Fire TV,  Chromecast and the NewsPlayer+ website. Accessed via a subscription-based service which starts from £2.50 per month


The startup is based in Elstree, Hertfordshire.

They say:

Jacobs: “From the start of the pandemic,  there was a huge gap in the market for people wanting to access 24/7 global news channels as these were useful sources of real-time information, reflecting different perspectives and views on COVID – whether this may be personal because of family and loved ones being abroad, or just general interest  of the virus and how it was impacting the globe. It was a time in history where the world needed to  come together to share knowledge, learn and co-operate with one another. 

“Many news channels were already available, but scattered separately on different platforms, including satellite, cable, terrestrial TV, their own websites, apps, cluttered ad-funded outlets like YouTube,  Facebook and illegal streaming sites where navigation and quick access is near impossible. This was  the birth of NewsPlayer+, with the mission to bring news channels together, all in one place.”